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Troschel 1856

Genus   Epipedorhynchus
AuthorWI   Troschel [F. H.]
AuthorNI   Troschel
Qualification   (ex Bibron)
Year   1856
Status   Not available
Gender   masculine
Class   Osteichthyes
Order   Tetraodontiformes
Family   Tetraodontidae
Subfamily   ---
Tribe   ---
Original Genus   Epipedorhynchus
Original AuthorWI   Troschel [F. H.]
Original AuthorNI   Troschel
Original Qualification   (ex Bibron)
Original Family   Tetraodontidae
Original Sub Family   ---
Original Year   1856
Gender   masculine

Type Species AuthorWI   ---
Type Species Qualification   (ex Bibron)
Type Designation   ---
Current Genus   ---
Current AuthorWI   ---
Current Family   ---
Current Summary   Unknown. In family Tetraodontidae.
Name History   Epipedorhynchus Troschel [F. H.] (ex Bibron) 1856:88 [ref. 12559]. Masc. Appeared first as "Epipédorhynque" Bibron in Duméril 1855:278 [ref. 297]; latinized by Troschel as above, also by Hollard 1857:319 [ref. 2186]. First technical additional of species not researched. Type as given by Jordan 1919:263 [ref. 2410] is Tetraodon preycineti Bibron [name only]. But Epipedorhynchus Troschel and of Holland are themselves nomina nuda and not available. See also Su et al. 1986:109 [ref. 12582] and See Kottelat 2001:612 [ref. 25859]. Epipedorhynque also is unavailable for lack of a descrition or an included available species. Tetraodontidae.
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